Touch Wud

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Many antique/fine jewellery businesses have lost their soul. Human beings have been adorning themselves with accessories and ornaments since the Neanderthals walked the earth. Jewellery has always been about our humanity. We want to bring that back. Consumption alone does not bring about a meaningful, magical and memorable life. We want to encourage thinking with more feeling through whatever we sell or create.

On a less philosophical note, we hand build not only custom pieces but all our jewellery. We do things the old way, including setting jewellery with antique techniques. We draw our ideas; we forge each piece by hand. We restore old jewellery like we restore old lamps. When a piece is beyond restoration, we envision another life for it. We do not give up.


We are adding an accessories category to World Savage, for jewellery that may not be considered ‘fine’ but is fine nonetheless. Old of course. Soul over reason.


Tales from a Fishwife



Mortality jewels. Platinum.


Forever apart-together. The tin soldier and the paper ballerina.



Tiger in the green. Plus point: hardworking. Minus: the plant is now dying.

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The wheatsheaf signifies strength, because bound together the strands of wheat are strong, but singly, they will break and bend at the slightest touch.



9 beads, a reminder. Live in the moment.

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Simple things are hard to make simple.





…my name is…




Every time I walk the aisles in supermarkets, I am amazed by how much packaged sauces promise success. I’d buy up most of my amazement, except HY stops me. Like a fishwife.

And like a fishwife, I go on admiring and taking packaged sauces out of the racks, like I have never been civilized. Perhaps I have not.

I cannot cook. I don’t particularly enjoy eating (not like a foodie). But it amazes me (for a long time now and still today) how love dictates how food is cooked, and its lack of how that food tastes.

Hunger is a desire. Desire is not hunger. Some will forever be fed by hunger. Some say desire is hunger.

I know the taste of answers, but I don’t know the answer.


Business Registration 53068071L. Use this world but desire heaven.

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