Is there a scent to being alive AND well?

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We spent an hour at the back of our old house this night but could not get Shadow to go into the pet carrier. He has been irregular in showing up at feeding time and today he was so slow to walk over. He is sick with cat flu and will not eat. He looks like he has not eaten for a few days; his bones come to the hand easily.

When he came near their two bowls, Oscar hissed at Shadow. It’s never happened before. They always head-butted each other (and won the prize for lovers), but today when Shadow tried to go near Oscar she shunned very coldly and wouldn’t allow him near her. I was very shocked. Even if self preservation is nature’s thing, I find it hard to believe a cat’s sense of wellbeing is more than a scent. And how will she live without him?

That’s a photo of them in the old house. Tomorrow we will borrow a pet tray from our pet store and try again. Compared to cat flu, starving to death is sadder.



do people still make things from dreams?

street art singapore dream giftsvict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set4 vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set5 pera_intan_ring_24k7aq_intan_ring_22k4aq_intan_ring_22k5pearls_clover_studs_14wgpearls_clover_studs_14wg4pearls_clover_studs_14wg3 hand_felted_meadow_pins

dream gifts, dream gifts


Most people I know personally I realize are not adults. Why do we feel a need to ‘grow up’?

When most grown-ups are mental. Mental I tell you.

Youth is bestowed on the naive. ‘Most Cute’ are those who look like adults, who never have to chase a day holding sand in their small, little big fists.

Whose hearts beat and continually spoil –

For heartache never leaves the true heart.


You can’t hold on to sand
But you can
Rocks in my pocket.


1. Art Objects: Love Benefits

2. Antique Black Onyx Jewelry

3. Aquamarine Flower Ring, Peranakan Intan Ring

4. Small Diamond Ring, Peranakan Ring, Old Singapore

5. Antique Natural Pearl Earrings, Clover Studs

6. Hand felted pins


Thinking through the eye: art objects, punk pins and street art Singapore

nightfreaks_world_savage6nightfreaks_world_savage5nightfreaks_world_savage3Art Objects street art Singapore  micro_arrowheads2Ancient Relics For Salesmack_lips3too_much_good_taste3you_only_live_once2the_fingerstreet art Singapore


The crown is sculpted from a question I once asked my Mother.

The answer of all answers?

There are only two things a human being can exist for. They must either work or study.

< A Tribute To My Communist Mother > is a unique piece of self expression, communism or not, love or dread.

All handcrafted; one and only for now.

Composition is not complex. Reciprocity is.

Wood, enamel, resin, many, many days.

To live
Not to exist,

A Tribute To My Communist Mother.
(And Basquiat of course)

street art Singapore

1. Art Objects: Nightfreaks

2. Ancient Relics For Sale: Tiniest Arrowheads

3. Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring

4. You Only Live Once

5. A Tribute To My Communist Mother


the white elephant gift exchange

mini_mast_ship_glassmini_mast_ship_glass4take_1_nightfreakstake_1_nightfreaks2film_strip_beginningwalter_merten_dioramawalter_merten_diorama2Modern Metal Sculpture

The Preatures is very good. The difficulty of making ‘mainstream’ music that is good at being good. I get a feeling this is not good because it is too good. Of course they are not American (will bounce, will not dance).

Also, I think the white elephant gift exchange must rest on this premise: one man’s meat is another man’s…

Or simply, you cannot eat art.


A many masted ship
is free
to collect
dust from boredom.


1. A Many Masted Ship Housed In Glass

2. Work In Progress, Nightfreaks

3. Modern Metal Sculpture, The Ruins


Mongrel Jewelry

art deco lady figurine flapper_violet_pearls2 flapper_violet_pearls4art deco lady figurine jade_trio_leaves7 jade_trio_leaves jade_trio_leaves2 jade_trio_leaves5pera_jade_navette_ringpearl_leaf_9k pearl_leaf_9k3 nouveau_fresh_pearl_18k


Mongrel jewelry:

The mix of ancient and urban identities for revival, to give voice to a certain, uncertain self.

So much jewelry has come in the time before us. So much more is in line for production. Those who revive are those with their own stories.

The educated call it ‘revival jewelry’. The civilized, or uncivilized, prefer ‘mongrel’.

Hardly bastardized and surely not rubbish.


1. Art Deco Lady Figurine

2. Vintage Jade Leaf Pendant

3.  Spinach Jade Necklace

4. Antique Jade Ring, Peranakan Jewellery

5. Antique Baroque Pearl Necklace, Small

6. Small Gold Leaf Earrings

7. Antique Pearl Pendant, Art Nouveau Filigree


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