Antique Chinese Earrings

pera_cats_eye_er midc_opal_deco_14k chinese_pearl_studs_22k jade_lantern_set2

Antique Chinese Earrings

Cat’s Eye | Opals | Pearls | Jade

We’ve set our sight in showcasing antique jewelry from this region, but not present them in the usual gaudy and gold. The result is refreshing.

The youngest is from the ’40s and the oldest 100 years old. Guess which?


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Men Jewelry Singapore

1880s_tiger_claw_pin_9k 1880s_tiger_claw_pin_9k4vic_jade_axe_9k4 vict_monogram_r_9k3 vict_monogram_r_9k4 17C_moonstone_9k3 17C_moonstone_9k5 shield_bloodstone_9k2 shield_bloodstone_9k3 vict_h_signet_ring men jewelry singaporemens_antique_rings

Men Jewelry Singapore

Men’s antique jewelry is not ‘copied’ enough. Talking modern jewelry, what’s available to the bloke or gentleman out there is like-minded. Designed to puff… into the air.

Jewelry for women, by comparison, distinguishes between the sweet and the seductive effortlessly. Sometimes I almost believe the bloke is the gentleman. Especially if you consider how most men (and women) only know about signet rings when it comes to jewelry for men. I blame Jeremy Irons in The Borgias.

The rings and pins can be found at Men’s Accessories.




Personalised Jewellery Singapore

Personalised Jewellery Singapore

personalised jewellery singapore

Silver, copper, brass, aluminum, discs, squares, oblongs, diamonds, hearts, keys, bookmarks, coins. The finished product rarely looks like what they did.

personalised jewellery singaporebrass_swan_mountbrass_swan_mount5 brass_swan_mount3 midc_marble_stone_lamp8 midc_marble_stone_lamp911_jan_2015_1311_jan_2015_1411_jan_2015_1511_jan_2015_16


Never existential.


Somewhat existential.


Clyde on a very, very hot day. Still King of Joo Chiat backways. Crime Watch was after all filmed in this alley.


1. Personalize any piece.

If you are happy to pay, we are happy to make. From scratch. Any-thing.


2. Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan

3. Mid Century Modern Table Lamp


Cameo Jewelry Set

Cameo Jewelry Setartdeco_cameo_earrings_14k3


3cm tall!

Cameo Jewelry SetCameo Jewelry Setartdeco_cameo_10k2artdeco_cameo_ring_10k2artdeco_cameo_ring_10k3

cameo jewelry set

Rather beguiling, the wearing of sets, don’t you think? Ignore uppity.

We’ve selected dainty cameos for this reason, the casualness of the cameo was what made it popular. We don’t care for the big concho cameos. Those look like *you know this blank*.

Its history as personal memento items (used as ‘photos’ when there were none) and as part of the Greco Roman storytelling culture, from olden days through to the renaissance and then to Josephine and Napoleon… Cameos are a big part of the adoration and gifting culture of the old world. Romantic.

Jade in the east. Cameos in the west.


1. Antique Cameo Earrings, Art Deco

2. Antique Cameo Jewelry Set, Pendant and Ring


home decor Singapore!

sm_chinese_soap_dish sm_chinese_soap_dish3 home decor singapore sm_chinese_soap_dish560s_rabbit_sake_cup5Vintage Sake Cup60s_blue_spotted_cat3Vintage Pottery Cat60s_blue_spotted_cat6


The best candy in town


HY and I were talking about how people will buy anything someone will sell.

She tells me this story of… she’ll tell it better >

You know how in uni people will try to sell their shit at the end of every semester? I remember this fridge that would go on sale every semester’s end for $50. I thought of buying it once, cos 50 bucks for a fridge is not bad. If you think about all the $50 it collected, it truly was the gift that kept on… collecting 50 bucks.


The story is actually funnier to me than how she wrote it. I laughed very hard when I conjure her face thinking of buying the $50 fridge and that moment of doubt and that just about sums up my partner in crime and all my devious schemes…


1. Antique Soap Dish, Chinese

2. Rabbit Vintage Sake Cup

3. Vintage Pottery Cat, Blue Cat Figurine


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