modern home decor objects, objet d’art, no. 54

modern home decor objects, modern home decor objects

modern decor object70s_brass_water_lillies570s_brass_water_lilies6brass_pair_birds_branch5objects home decornail_birds_brutalist4nail_birds_brutalistnail_birds_brutalist2modern decor objectcherubs_pyramid_ormolu4cherubs_pyramid_ormolu5Antique Jewelry Casket


Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.
T.S. Eliot


1. Modern Decor Object, Water Lily Sculpture

2. Objects Home Decor, Brass Bird Sculpture

3. Metal Bird Sculpture, Brutalist Art

4. Modern Decor Object, Small Brass Birds

5. Antique Jewelry Casket

modern home decor objects

An ongoing objet d’art photography by World Savage Singapore.
– Objects of desire, Objects of art. Objects of curiosity. -


All In A Day

Table Lamps Singapore

Mid Century Modern Table Lamptable lamps singapore27oct_2014

Noms. Noms noms.

From the hollows of his black-white ears, he thinks he hears “Chiku Road?” and stops for a second.

Indeed. He goes for his walk.


The beast returns and grips the automobile between his small, sharp teeth, again.

It’s as if he never left.

“I’d never want to be that automobile”, said me, said her.

midc_marble_stone_lamp3 Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

He assists her in a photography shoot, before howling at the mid century lamp, too modern for his tribe, a long line rumored to descend from the mutts of Sir Stamford Raffles himself. Not himself the mutt, but the mutts that must have gathered abound the colonial Raffles Hotel. Not itself the home of Sir Raffles, but he was known to swirl a glass now and then. Of course not the infamous sling or it would be nefarious.


Table Lamps Singapore

No more words.

Just a few bits.

‘Twas Tollyjoy nevermore.



Night and Day

There is a guy who plays an alto saxophone in the middle of Marine Parade every weekend.

Today, he played My Heart Will Go On.

I saw quite a few people get up to give him money, so that would encourage him to continue.

I was appalled. I think in the US someone would beat him up and steal his money. But here people give you money for being so very banal and average.


Sometimes, when somebody beats somebody else up and steals that person’s money, it is because s/he has been driven insane by people getting rewarded for their mediocrity all the damn time.

sm_flower_opaline sm_flower_opaline5 fr_chandelier_brass fr_chandelier_brass_2 20oct_2014_2 20oct_2014 23oct_2014 23oct_2014_2 23oct_2014_3 24oct_2014






Antique Cocktail Rings In The Anteroom Of Eternity

Antique Cocktail Rings


1870_emer_marquise_18k31870_emer_marquise_18k5vict_ameth_harem_18kvict_ameth_harem_18k8vict_ameth_harem_18k5vict_ameth_harem_18k3Edvard_Munch_Winter Nightglass_slides10glass_slides9

Antique Cocktail Rings

A little cocktail won’t hurt. It’s the anteroom of eternity after all.

I am now wondering what an Imperial Tokay tastes like. After watching Dean Spanley last night, I love San Lang even more, that I bought a Tollyjoy teething toy for him today, the kind that makes squeaky after squeaky. Is it possible to love that damned thing more?


One encounter is a happenstance
Two a coincidence and three
A significance.


1. Antique Navette Diamond Ring, Emerald

2. Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring

3. Edvard Munch Slides, from Landscape By Night and Last Scene from Ibsen’s Ghost


ps: squeaky died on the same day.


Vintage Wear Singapore, Private Sale

Vintage Wear Singapore

private_sale4 private_sale private_sale3 private_sale2 private_sale5 private_sale6 private_sale7 private_sale9 private_sale10 private_sale8

Vintage Wear Singapore

We are clearing our vintage wear for the year. It will go this way: $70 per piece, or $50 per piece if you get three pieces and more. FOR FRIENDS ONLY. You know who you are.

This sale is by far the ‘biggest’ one we have or will have. It is amazing this is all we have after so many years of the vintage wear business. Some of the dresses are so perfect but either the color or cut is too challenging. But, at $50, my gosh.

If everything goes, or if we let everything go, it is likely we will have no more sale for a long time.

Make an appointment and come by! We are hanging out the dresses now, and will have more than what is shown here.

Forgive the creases?



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