Parks and Recreation on Netflix

We have been getting all our laughs from Parks and Recreation on Netflix recently. It’s about all these earnest people in a small town doing small but important things. It’s all about the small things.

Here’s Ron Swanson explaining government to a little girl.

I always think that Singapore should have our own version of Parks and Recreation. One of the characters would be our neighbour who does all things, including Net talking to traffic police, in a pair of FBT shorts (sometimes he is also topless) and a pair of sky blue Crocs.

In case you’re wondering how to get Netflix, all you need to do is get a VPN account from StrongVPN for around $50 a year. There are others out there, but StrongVPN is what we use; it’s been reliable and fast.

After you sign up for Netflix, you can binge watch Daredevil like we did and also watch terrible lesbian movies.


You Have Too Much Shit



Work-in-progress, Fear Is A Prison.


Work-in-progress: Something the eye knows.


The second chimera that’s waiting for a door or drawer.


19th century Garuda who’s finally going home to Bali.

On Friday our friend came to pick up his glasses. He is involved with the Taksu work many Balinese folks and artists know about, a source of spiritual and creative energy hard to put into words. He also brought back a 19th century bell we had thought was a French chimera, which turned out to be a Balinese Garuda.

When he was downstairs, he kept saying he needed to buy something. He has never said that all the times he visited us. It was like there was a sense of urgency, stupid and forthright, but nothing short of adorable human knowledge. When he came in, backpack still on his back, he bent down and asked what’s that? He has spotted the strange object placed amongst the jewellery in the room. He rang the bell several times and I think, connected with it. This ritual bell was not the dinner bell we thought it was. The ritual bell was used by Balinese performers and was probably stolen from them when they traveled to perform in France. Our wise friend told us that. From the vibrrrations I think.

Anyway, he paid us in cash and proceeded to bless us with a wad of notes, tap-tap shoulder, tap-tap tabletop, tap-tap hwee yee.

He left a really good energy in the house. Said this place has taksu.

His visit has come to us in a trying week.


Magik is very important to art. Art is very important to life. Life can be very bitter without art. And art, like pornography, is very hard to define, but “I know it when I see it”.

The You Have Too Much Shit self-help book can be digitally downloaded for free. Ironically or course, you can buy it.


An Unsolicited Open Letter to the Young-ish Artist

May 29, 2013

Dear Young-ish artist, I noticed that you needed to be reminded of a few things – many of which I’m sure you already know. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. So here it goes.

Taking the path of an artist is a radical one. There is no steady paycheck, 401K or linear trajectory. You do it because it’s either art or insanity; or because you have a gift that needs to be shared with the world; or because you want to be famous. But here’s the deal: it takes time to cultivate it. Very few of us can jump out of undergrad and earn a living as a novelist. Sometimes you have to take a job writing copy at an internet company to prove that you can take care of yourself; or you have to take several jobs so you can buy the materials for your giant octopus sculpture; or you have to experience the darkest grief of your life in order to find your voice. And there will be lots of bad poems and terrible paintings and bad decisions before anything comes of it. It takes time and it takes space and sometimes it takes doing very little alone or in the company of other like-minded people for these things to happen. Everything is part of it. So be patient, pay attention, and be kind to yourself.

Maybe it will take 15 years, so in the year 2028, when you quit your day job writing ad copy for Hologram Space to begin. Maybe then you’ll decide to finish the novel you’ve been plugging away at in your free evenings. You decide to do it because it’s been nagging at you for years, sometimes making you feel so empty inside that you don’t recognize yourself, your spouse, or your children. And as you finally jump into this adventure it dawns on you: it’s always been here. You’ve always had everything you needed to do it. It just took you this long to accept this and the uncertainty of the process. And, now finally, you’ve said yes and things are happening. Don’t scold yourself for taking so long, just appreciate that you’ve finally made it here.

Sincerely, Your friend Susan O’Malley,


Her work is a celebration of life in a very way the every person can benefit. It may look simple, but to distill life into its fundamental element: love is the biggest challenge for an artist.

Even the hardened, at the hardest, I feel, you’ll know to succumb.











See her work One Minute Smile with her mother, who passed on a year ago.

Susan O’Malley is no longer here with us. I am reminded of her tasks. May I remind you?


The Secret Life Of Jewels

vintage earrings singapore






If plants breath without lungs, move without muscles and digest food without stomachs who is to say that without a central nervous system they cannot feel?

Don’t go blue on me but soulful jewellery is a little like this.


1. Antique Lapis Earrings, Pietra Dura

2. Antique Moss Agate Earrings

3. Antique Gold Fox Earrings

4. Vintage Lantern Earrings

5. Antique Gold Spider Earrings

gold earrings singapore
Gold Fox Earrings
Antique Pietra Duru
antique lapis earrings
pietra dura antique jewellery
antique lapis lazuli jewelry
blue lapis earrings gold
pietra dura earrings
vintage fox earrings
antique gold earrings
antique victorian gold earrings
moss agate earrings
fox earrings
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19th century earrings
19th century gold jewelry
vintage earrings singapore
antique jewelry singapore
antique jewellery singapore





A Ceylon star sapphire.


I love the grittiness of this photo.


More grit.



Many times I am in two minds about how I want to show an object. I love gritty, and while it goes that many say they do, our ideas of ‘gritty’ differ. Like reflection in the mirror and water, not the same.

In fact I am in so many minds I drive myself crazy by limiting to one ‘ideal’ picture. Hereon I will post as many photos of similar shots and may all our eyes shine as the night cat’s on the ledge.

Music for these photos:


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