Small and Fine Details



Leaf | Solitaire | Wing | Bee | Butterfly | Blue Sapphire | Pink Sapphire


These are really small pieces in real life. How they look so grand is how small details (and small details only) are fleshed out very well in their design. Form and Function.

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White Rabbit


I am posting many of Grace Slick’s songs because.

She’s on the level as Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith and Janis Joplin, but we regale too little of her as an icon in this part of the world. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now was a big part of my teenage years. I dolled up and went out and cried and fought, all the while believing nothing’s gonna stop us now… and a little sheepish I wasn’t more Nirvana.

I am still a trouble-maker now. Just an older one.

Also the idea of her having a far-out right brain is so telling. We will never have enough of persona and artistry as a single token.


if you want the rainbow

seafront_waves_oil3seafront_waves_oil4Seashore Oil Paintingjapanese_shikishi_koiJapanese Koi Paintingetwab_world_savage6Art Objects For Sale26_jan_2015_228_jan_201528_jan_2015_223_jan_201523_jan_2015_2


January is almost.

Whilst I bleed and crack with devilish intent.

February is reminder for love.

My tattooist is a great father. He gets up when it’s still dark to make breakfast for his daughter, who’s old enough to be taking her O-levels this year. He asks me about Disneyland and I’m excited for them, like I wish I could follow. He told me he’s no good with women but will buy the best kaya for his daughter’s breakfast.


1. Small Vintage Oil Painting

2. Small Seashore Oil Painting

3. Small Japanese Koi Painting

4. Art Objects For Sale: Hyper Reality

5. Vintage Blake Lithographic Prints


Antique Chinese Earrings

pera_cats_eye_er midc_opal_deco_14k chinese_pearl_studs_22k jade_lantern_set2

Antique Chinese Earrings

Cat’s Eye | Opals | Pearls | Jade

We’ve set our sight in showcasing antique jewelry from this region, but not present them in the usual gaudy and gold. The result is refreshing.

The youngest is from the ’40s and the oldest 100 years old. Guess which?


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Men Jewelry Singapore

1880s_tiger_claw_pin_9k 1880s_tiger_claw_pin_9k4vic_jade_axe_9k4 vict_monogram_r_9k3 vict_monogram_r_9k4 17C_moonstone_9k3 17C_moonstone_9k5 shield_bloodstone_9k2 shield_bloodstone_9k3 vict_h_signet_ring men jewelry singaporemens_antique_rings

Men Jewelry Singapore

Men’s antique jewelry is not ‘copied’ enough. Talking modern jewelry, what’s available to the bloke or gentleman out there is like-minded. Designed to puff… into the air.

Jewelry for women, by comparison, distinguishes between the sweet and the seductive effortlessly. Sometimes I almost believe the bloke is the gentleman. Especially if you consider how most men (and women) only know about signet rings when it comes to jewelry for men. I blame Jeremy Irons in The Borgias.

The rings and pins can be found at Men’s Accessories.




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