Hollywood is the last to know

The kind of antique chinese gold jewelry Hollywood does not know about. Yet.

antique chinese gold jewelry pera_club_ring_24k7 pera_intan_ring_24k5 pera_intan_ring_24k4 antique chinese gold jewelry para_dia_ring_drop_24k5 para_dia_ring_drop_24k2 para_dia_ring_drop_24k9


The diamonds aren’t big. The gold is very yellow. There could even be inclusions. There is no brilliant cut but brilliance lies in the real, eponymous glamour lost to us today. I’m sure you’ll get there, glamorous as ever, again.

The Jealous Society


The Secret To A Good Hot Pot Revealed

hot pot broth ideas

er, excuse me?

hot pot broth ideas

That’s better. ♫♫

That’s it. That’s the secret, Daisho soup base. It’s a bit too thick and rich for hot pot soup, so we dilute it with one packet of water. You can buy it from NTUC or any Japanese supermarket. Endorsed by The Steamboat Specialist, Chef Yo. Chef Yo only likes to eat ikan bilis.

Also, you need to get one of those butane stoves. Hot pot needs fire. Induction cookers don’t cut it somehow. We had one of those and it was just weird. No fire no spark.


Xiang, this is where we’re going. All yellow, the food is probably nothing. Like all the places we find ourselves most comfortable in, it’s the ones that offer a little magic with very little effort. But at least nothing is underachieved.

hot pot broth ideas


Foundlings and Nestlings

handmade silver jewelry singaporefoundlings_nestlings2 foundlings_nestlings3 foundlings_nestlings4 foundlings_nestlings5 foundlings_nestlings6 foundlings_nestlings7 foundlings_nestlings8 handmade silver jewelry singapore 14sept_2014_2 14sept_2014_3 14sept_2014_4

Before I forget, I must say thanks to Yong for her fish sauce chili, homemade with love and a great tease in the simple fare HY and I eat at home.

In the month of August, we have only just discovered the secret of packaged hotpot broth. Which is the secret of a successful hotpot / steamboat at home. Listen to me, go easy on the red dates. Use instant when there is instant. Use friends’ homemade anything when it is homemade


1. Art Deco Cast Iron Alsatian Lamp With Nautical Milk Glass Shade

2. 1900s Chromolithograph Cloud Study Art Print

3. Love Unites, a small, pretentious rock n roll silver jewelry collection

4. Jack Earle The Giant and apparently we have his ring!
Jack stood at 7 ft 7 12 in (2.324 m) at the end of his life. We can fit three fingers into this ring.

handmade silver jewelry singapore

handmade silver jewelry singapore



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