More Of This World Needs To Know

of Tanita Tikaram.

1995 or so, and not a bit reduced by time.

Every time I listen to her, I am transported to the girl who would do anything for life. Anything. I’m not sure how much I’ve changed, but I know the pain of listening to her music is real.

You know what is more painful than love?

Cathedral Song is my favorite Tikaram song. I’ve always had my film-esque version of this song’s lyrics, and it does not match the video. Actually all her videos (on Youtube) fail me. But I want to share her music with the world. Only The Ones We Love was the first song of hers I came to. I was 20 and madly in love. I remember a particular experience while on campus. It was winter and the ground was a spread of dread, yet I kept thinking, “Each step I make brings me closer to you”.

Being an ancient heart.

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