WATW for Haiti

Do What You Can, my friends, for Haiti, for a people and place so broken and unlike the one from where you and I can sing this song to.

I’ve been waiting since I heard the news of a second version. Well, it made my heart so full of hope and the hair on my back stand. And it also makes me sad to read the comments left by people everywhere. You could prefer one version over the other, but does that preference mean you champion the human race as one race, and the human hope as the only hope? Whatever, let’s shut the f up and donate whatever we can.

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  1. izumihiiiflower March 12, 2010 at 6:45 pm #

    i love the michael jackan’s version
    iiiiiiiiiiih i love cyndi lauper <3 it's an 80's icon!

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