Dollar Each

These plastic barrettes are what I used to take for granted. Do you still have one lying somewhere? As I gain more days on this wonderful yet weary world, I keep imagining there is a possibility of running a store selling provision items that are special, useful yet whimsical, serious yet funny, still yet musical, and above all, years full and beaming. People would wander in and get two plastic barrettes, one old but unused writing pad or a small bottle of vanilla powder, a pretty faux leather purse or two old postcards sold by the Yosemite National Park souvenir store in 19-something. These people would not mind the crease down the middle of a print; they would also ask me if I sell a cheap frame to go with it. I will go to the back (behind another set of shower curtains) and offer them the only plastic or enamel photo frame in the store. On their way out someone comes in to buy an apron, three junior combs, and 100% pure Glycerin lotion in glass bottles. We may also sell vintage style men’s underwear (S/M/L) and silk petticoats. O I could go on and on.

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