We have been surrounded by ruins this past week. Old things, old talk, old folks. The right word with the young is ‘collectibles’, but it’s ok, ruins is not ruined. The year 2010 is a special year for me. I’ve met so many old gentlemen and one old lady that the thought of throwing a party of sorts – to get them together – did actually cross my mind. Day after day our conversation went like this: “Should give the toy to auntie”, or “Must remember to give uncle the box”, or “must help uncle check the history of the chain”. I am inspired by the things they (want to) remember, so much to say I’ll let the thoughts settle in my head before you think I’m all dust.

Today or tomorrow should be a crazy day, we should be able to bring down 100 vintage pieces to the store. Plus plus plus the wonderful for the fast and curious.

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