A choice between school and food

Dear friends.

It’s been awhile now, how I know in my heart I’m not doing enough. Then yesterday, it has come to us that Riverkids, the Cambodian help for street children group that we sell little Kewpie figurines for, may have to close. I believe the reason is due to insufficient expected donations. Simple as that. I went to their website hoping to read more on this matter, but I see charities too maintain a facade in the name of appearing ‘capable’ in how things are run. I did not find a sad letter, and I did not get the impression that hard things must be lurking beneath its photos and stories. But, the truth is, Dale Edmonds (the founder and ‘servant’) wrote to everyone on their cause of the recent hardship, how they always just pull by month to month, until this month when a major regular donor had to pull out. In short, if Riverkids close, it is because she has to make a decision between feeding the children and schooling them.

We all know this will not work in the tomorrow after tomorrow. Education holds the hope for the future, both yours and theirs and for the world we live in. Education is the single and only key to change, or which the word hope will not have real meaning. If you visit the Riverkids website, you would notice US$300 is the most they ask for in a single donation. The critical matter is regularity, and we can be regular in giving $6.16 (milk and bread for one week) or $4.57 (buying greens for one week). With more than 400 children enrolled in Riverkids’ programmes, they need over US$10,000 a month, and they

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