The Secret Life of Bees

“It’s impossible to have two parents who refuse to love you.”

Tonight I watched The Secret Life of Bees. Today I also wrote a note to my cousin. She’s warded in hospital for anorexia and I wish I knew how to open up her fourteen year-old heart. She’s like your regular teen, except she has an exceptional mother, loving her more than life itself. The note started off with: In life there must be balance… Somewhere along the lines I knew I have lost something, because my words did not match the way my heart understands. The words lived somewhere outside the world of my heart. I wish I just told her that love must and can be taught. But she would misunderstand (did you?). Just like it’s hard for me to say that to someone who has not felt the need to be taught love. This need, I think, is more than merely giving someone life. Life without love is like life without knowing how to love is life without love knowing life… That’s why I am writing these words, for words like sleeping bats in tunnels lie.

That’s why I still do not sell seashells at the seashore…

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