Bird Park

This post was a long time coming; I always have something else to do, or I’m distracted by growing grass.

Two weeks ago, some asshole left a sick pigeon outside the store. The pigeon survived a whole day and night, so I brought it to the bird park in the morning. I don’t know if the vets there managed to save it; I was assured that the vets would try their best to rehabilitate it. If the bird was put down in the end, at least it would die amongst friends.

In return for my bird crusader efforts, I got a free tour of the bird park! Ok, that’s really because I was escorted by my friend Juanna who works there, not because I tried to save a bird. Here are some pictures. Not too shabby for an iPhone!

A 17 day old baby alien!

The mounds you see are nesting mounds for making baby flamingoes.

When I was small, I read about cassowaries being endangered in an encyclopedia entry. I asked my mum, if they are so endangered how come they're walking around in the bird park?

I love this guy! He looks like my dad.


"I have abandoned my apple and am inching towards your orange."

"I will go away if you give me that nectar."


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