General Stores

I’ve always had the vision of HY and I running an old store like the one above. If we had a more permanent place I would work taller and heavier shelves into the store and contain/collect more crap than what we currently have in the store. But I refrain from this now as we’ve moved our business from place to place many times and I know how that hurts. But look at those big, ancient shelves. Look at them glass and dust. Look at them define permanence and immovability. Presence that will not move is like the land you cannot leave.

General stores are becoming a thing of the past. Not Stevie!

I will finally share some of my antique lace collection, now that I’ve convinced HY I need another *old*cabinet just to hold and display them. This is currently my favorite cabinet in the store. They’re not much but they make a hell of a difference to the dream garment you have in your head. Or the DIY/craft project you’re keen to try. Or if you know how to cheat your way into weaving a little bit of history from creating your own. These antique lace come from France and Switzerland and some from Germany… I do feel as if antique lace worldwide has gone on a scavenger hunt with me…

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