I eat mee goreng at a place with a meteorite bit

Last year at this jingle time we had only moved into Club Street for a month. We picked things off the street and tried to coax the unwanted with the average and will only believe it was for the best. That the store items would not roll off the wobbly planks of wood nailed against the wall and that the wood would not peel off that uncertain wall. At that stage I was already beginning to segregate our wall nails into old and new. The old was the precious few we got from Japan while the new were the ones from Self-Fix.

One year has passed and most things that needed to happen in my life have happened in this one. I am an emotional coaster, but the store and its old and one or half year-old friends have distracted me well. Suddenly at this time I find we have many people on our Christmas list. That there is even a list is an amazing step for me.

Thank you, and may your year end resolve old hurts and set off a light for renewed hope.

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