Sugar Rack Vintage


It is so good to buy from the sugar rack.

The Vintage Sugar Rack is a bunch of dresses and t-shirts we put out for those who have a budget, but want quality vintage. It’s sugary and attracts all kinds. Bees, butterflies… flies… Sometimes when it is dreary weather a hummingbird will buzz around the rack and we note how enticing it must be to spot a cheerful bargain amidst midweek stress and day-to-day errands. We replenish randomly and regularly, with such a vigor you might think we should actually just set up shop outside.

Look at this! I guess they don’t have dogs about.


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  1. the shy leo March 20, 2011 at 12:11 am #

    hi! you’ve brightened up my Sunday seeing the pic of my 9 dresses from the sugar rack (i only visited your website and read about the rent saga on 18 Mar).

    sorry you stayed an extra hour to let me try the 20+ pieces on 17 Mar. thanks so much for the friendly service! 🙂 i hope to be back soon to find more sugar on the rack :p take care!

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