For Those In Need Of A Bulb Shade To Keep The Light On


The above is a rosy antique beaded glass shade, to dress over a lone bulb. The below is an ancient story, in parts light and dark.

I learned very late what it means to want to have photos put in photo frames. It means you want to look for a frame to capture your memories within. For me, this started very innocently. For a long time, almost a year, there were three photos lying around in my underwear cabinet. In fact, they were placed absentmindedly in this cabinet as it was the only place that kept one single category of item and not a paraphernalia of paraphernalia items. Over time, these three photos began to ‘dog-ear’ as they kept collapsing or getting crushed by what else! as I rummaged through day in and out. One day I took these three photos out of their wretchedness and place them on my working table, the table that I never allow clutter, which means I intend to do something about the photos. This was a subconscious decision, as the three then sat bitterly before me for weeks as I typed on this computer-keyboard. Then one day, it was this. This subconscious decision that developed into a slow but sure realisation that I was actively wanting a photo frame, frames!

Many of us take for granted the presence of memories to keep as, memories, but how many of us know that presence without absence?

I really did learn very late in life what it means to have photos put in photo frames. It is not the same as having photos to put in photo frames. Me, the person I still am learning about, wanting three photo frames to put three photos in. So painful, and so long I never thought I would stand in line for.



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