Annabel Lee, II


The things given to her will look forlorn, and she will position them a little too perfectly, then stare, and stare.



And since Stevie General Store has sold the magic glass globe and spell lamp (see earlier post Annabel Lee) to a lady who definitely has her love-in-armor-waiting (in purple, in case you missed the plot), I believe this tale has a non-too-expectant ending.



It appears, Annabel Lee – not the lady in purple, in case you are confused with this rather twisty plot – may just find that sometimes life will always be a questionable gardening choice: you can let others have a peek at what’s over the wall, or you can have a planter inside your heart.


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  1. Lil September 10, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Ooh, lovely pix in the previous entry, and those crawly green things look a bit eerie in the night! The photo looks lovely. Wonder how the red ones turned out. Thanks, gals!

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