Is that a poem can be anything, which is why, he said
people still write poetry. I tend to agree with him,
though it’s certainly disappointing that poems can’t
make people stop being assholes, or end greed and suffering or
alleviate that uncomfortable chaffing I get in my perineum
after a long summertime bicycle ride through the rolling
hills of Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs
where the hog backs rise up from the ground
like the spines of petrified dragons
who slumber just below the crust of the earth. Actually,
the spires of sandy red rock here are petrified river beds
pushed up on end by a geological process called
“folding,” which I don’t fully understand, though I
like to think about the ancient rivers that ran across them.
And I like to imagine those same rivers
running swiftly across the, now, vertically!
With that shimmering glint that comes off the tips of rivulets
in a blathering creek in some canyon or another somewhere
as i ride past on my silver bicycle
like an ancient river running vertically and swiftly away
from assholes and greed and suffering and poetry.


Something Ron Padgett Said to Me in an Interview
Noel Black


Some of us like to see something and think of another. Some of us cannot help it.


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