Hello everybody! The website has been down the past two days due to a germ called HWEE YEE, who’s been mucking around with templates and deleted our database accidentally.

But it also got me thinking. WHY THE HELL has it become all about objects and artifacts and yadda? In the earlier days of Goblin Market, nestled amongst Katong Laksas and five-star chicken rice, I would post up whatever I was wearing (or doing) on whichever sites I drifted to, French style sites, lookbook… Then suddenly I got private and grown up and consumed by bottom lines. Yes, I’ve always been private, but now I am boring private, as if I have a name to defend! That fence is so bad for feeling.

Both photographs are of waiting. One under this tree, where we wait every day for a taxi to take us to work. The other is of me waiting for kimchi ramen, after a long day at the store, in a rather dingy, hole-in-the-wall Korean eatery opposite Amara Hotel. Both are sweet spots, both hungry, for life.



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