Rent Is A Cat And Mouse Game


Hello friends and passers-by.
We are looking to rent a shophouse, with no intention to move and many intentions to grow plants and ourselves, beyond the cat and mouse game of survival (of ours) and business (of others).

Looking for a place to move is something like that, in Singapore. In this rental game chase, I feel like we cannot think in terms of where or how much to rent what for, but must think like a cat, and then amongst the pigeons. Something must be said here, but let me demonstrate my small-town thoughts in a painterly manner.

One sunny afternoon, on my way to the store, somewhere between the last fingers of the East Coast beach and our senior-ly Ferris Wheel, it occurred to me there is an ingenious link between those who earn the most and the denominators of ‘desirable’ occupations. Bankers and real estate agents. At the apex and base of the pyramid, the cr

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