$100 million, a sink, and a mirror

Here is a link to Rental Rant 1, in case you missed it.

So the funds investment company that now owns 93 Club Street came back to us with even more bullshit yesterday.

They now expect us to hack away the mirror in our back room and the sink in the pantry (both left behind by the previous tenant) for them. These people buy a building on Club Street for $2.8 million (a total bargain for a shophouse in the area), refuse to do whatever little renovation they have to do, and then try to bully us into paying for their renovation, so that they can charge the next tenant whatever exorbitant amount they want to charge for the space.

I cannot think of a better situation during which to say “fuck off please.”

The property manager kept repeating to us that he has to report to a committee, and they are the ones who have to decide. Would a committee full of rich land owners really give a shit about a mirror and a sink? Are they a crazy committee? Are they managing the property from Buangkok Green?

For the record, Bridget and I spent $25K hacking away all the fixtures in what was an ex-hair salon. That is why we got good rent for the space, because we were the only schmucks willing to clean up the place. When told this, the property manager replied that they were already gracious enough to let us finish our lease at our discounted rental rate, implying that we should be awfully grateful already.

Ah yes, another appropriate situation to use the phrase “fuck of please”, because that is a load of bullshit.

The truth is, the ex-owner insisted that they let us finish our lease as part of the deal. She knew how much money we put into the building, and she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do to kick us out.

It’s embarrassing that a rich funds investment company would resort to these bullying tactics for that small bit of renovation money that every building owner should have to put in. The money is a lot to us, but not a lot to an entity that can afford several multi-million dollar shophouses in Singapore’s prime districts. You own $100 million worth of shophouses, and you want us to pay for removing a sink and a mirror that are not ours?

We will not be putting another cent into the building so that this awful company can conveniently jack up the rent. It’s about integrity and doing the right thing.

For the record, here are pictures of what 93 Club Street used to look like.

93 Club Street Front

Hacking away. Note the exposed air well that we patched up.

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