Yesterday we met the slimiest real estate agent yet. He walked into the store reeking of cheap perfume and speaking loudly in an American accent. He lined up 4 viewings all at the same time so it would look like lots of people want the space. That is only slightly slimy, and it’s probably a common trick that his slime ball mentors imparted to him.

When this fresh off the boat white guy asked him about the condition of the building, he replied that the building is in wonderful condition because URA places strict maintenance standards on conservation buildings that owners must comply to (REALLY????).

He told the same guy, who I think wants to run a retail store on Club Street, that Club Street is filled with people in the afternoon all the way till the evening. And there we were, early evening time, just me and Bridget in the store, picking dust off the floor, listening quietly to his licentious blaring, hoping that the lights would go off then and there, but they didn’t.

He only does all this lying to the new white guy, cos he thinks he can get away with it. This gross, slimy, cheap perfumed douche bag.

Say it with me, SCUM OF THE UNIVERSE.

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