The Funniest, Greediest Minds Of Us All

So we’re having a moving out sale!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about who is the funniest and greediest entity of 93 Club Street at the tail end of our tenure. Is it:

A. Bridget and Hwee Yee who want to sell many $50 dresses.

B. The people who want Bridget and Hwee Yee to remove a mirror left behind by the previous tenant, because their lawyers have told them that Bridget and Hwee Yee chose to retain the mirror, so Bridget and Hwee Yee must now remove it. Bridget and Hwee Yee also chose to retain the ceiling recess lights, so the lights will also need to be removed. Potential new tenants can then view the unit in pitch black darkness.

This mini rant is likely to be the last of our rental rant series. The reason why I write about these things is because I am hopelessly small time and I have small time concerns.

Here are Rental Rent 1 and Rental Rant 2.

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