If bad things happen to you, it’s because you are *facing* a piece of shit

Bridget and I are not the best business people; we earnestly believe in trusting people first until they prove us wrong. This has mostly worked out for us because of the connections we make with people who come to the store. Usually, when you set out to treat people with the best of intentions, they reciprocate. Unlike what my younger, cynical self liked to believe about people, most people are not pieces of shit.

And then last week, we actually met the human equivalent of a skid mark on tightey whiteys. The skid mark woman came in the form of an tall, imposing woman, spoke good English, is from Malaysia, runs an events and communications company, is named

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  1. Lil August 7, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    Well gals, me being one of your regular customers who has possibly travelled more than the woman you mentioned above – Here’s my 2 cents:

    In other countries, depending on the business niche and type of shop/boutique, I’ve seen handwritten receipts on papers that just happen to have margins on it. I wouldn’t call that a huge issue in this case. The issue is what happens, when a customer does not pay the full amount for the items he/she professes intention to buy. A procedure has to be decided upon, in such events. In my experience, unless it’s a very trusted regular that the shopowners trust and decide to waive that rule? Wary businesses decided to be safe, rather than sorry. I can cite at least 2 prestigious vintage and antique shops in Copenhagen that have handwritten receipts, yet stick to this rule regardless of whether it’s a regular customer or not. And as businesses, it is within your right to withhold the item(s) until paid for in full. Any partial amount paid for by a normal customer upfront (ideally at least 1/2 of the original price charged, so that the sellers know the buyer is genuinely interested in upholding the agreement) is really, to hold the item in their name for a certain period of time.

    The amount should be paid in full for said item eg. the ashtrays are fully paid for first, instead of the gowns, then the buyer only gets the ashtrays until the full prices for the gowns are paid. This should be reflected in the receipt, also with a given timeframe in which the debt must be settled in full (for items on hold). And should be adhered to, regardless of whatever the customer comes up with, as a reason or excuse to try to gain said items without paying in full (especially when they are not a regular you can be certain of trusting).

    I would question Cheryl/Sheryl’s rationale behind voicing a complaint of one of her friends, that the ashtray doesn’t ‘feel’ vintage enough. Could Cheryl/Sheryl please give some kind of explanation regarding the friend who came to said conclusion, so that people can gauge whether this friend actually has a clue as to what they are talking about (if the complaint even exists)? To hear this kind of complaint – the friend is basically questioning the Stevie gals’ abilities in procuring such an item, as well as questioning integrity and/or knowledge in selling such an item in their store. And since that’s what the voicing of such a complaint is implying, and there’s dissatisfaction, then it would be perfectly logical for a customer that feels suspicious or cheated to sell back the item (if all that Sheryl/Cheryl is saying is true). And not bother to buy anything else from the shop. But that’s not the case, is it?

    If that wasn’t the case and Cheryl/Sheryl still ended up buying the ashtrays and/or gowns, then I strongly question with suspicion and cynicism towards the intention behind voicing that kind of complaint about the ashtray. Just going by this little bit alone, it seems more like an ethical and character issue that is questionable in the customer, and not the store owners.

    Sorry, gals, but the bottom line is this: Too trusting, and too generous to a customer you don’t even know. Gives a whole lot of stress. Make the line clear next time. If you gals have any questions on how to streamline such procedures, ask me the next time I stop by, or there’s the phone. *hugs*

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