The Story Of Daniel






Years ago my aunt Felicia and my crazy uncle were staying at a church retreat in Utah to await the birth of their third child. Days past the predicted date and ‘no sign of boy’, making my crazy uncle more nervous than usual. Then evening I think, he saw lightning bolt across the sky, his nerves more electric by the moment, and then he knew. He had heard a loud crackling, not from the thunder but from a large, white bird. He did not have an idea what bird this was, but he rushed in to tell Felicia ‘it’s here’. Her water broke and within a couple of hours Daniel was born.

This uncle and his older brother, my tua pek gong uncle, are also the foremen in charge of renovating and turning our home into a den. Both take turns to take over, when one accuses the other of madness, or letting the workers go on strike. Every few days, my two uncles take turns at compliance and command, at a (small renovation) project which started on the 20th May. Tomorrow is its last day.



1. Chalkware Sculpture, Storks

2. Antique Scalloped Opaline Glass Pendant Lamp



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