Make Good

Bridget and I have been living as part of a renovation circus troupe since May. It’s a long, long, long, LONG story how we got to this state, but it has something to do with Bridget’s two crazy uncles, the Hungry Ghost period, an actual ghost, and some walking pieces of meat disguised as construction workers. You can fill in your own blanks because whatever story you piece together cannot be as ridiculous as reality.

Today’s fracas begun this morning when Teck (the older uncle and the one who’s been working very hard for us) pointed at a pot of wood putty and said,”Putty!!! PUTTY!!!!”

Hassan, the bangla worker who was painting the crack and hole filled window did not react to “Putty! Putty!” because he doesn’t really speak English.

“Ah Han is a bit deaf,” says Teck.

Bridget points at her ear and asks Hassan, “Are you deaf?”

No reaction from Hassan. Bridget goes closer. “ARE YOU DEAF??? CAN YOU HEAR???? YOU HAVE PROBLEM WITH EAR??”

Hassan turns and says, “No problem with ear.”

“Make good,” says Teck to Hassan. Teck leaves for the day.

Hassan tries to leave for the day too, but I stop him because he hasn’t finished making good the damn windows.

“Make good,” I say to Hassan.


“What Teck??”

“Tomorrow. Teck.”

“Teck is an old man! Is it you want Teck to do your work???”

Hassan tries to make good the windows. I ask Hassan if he eats McDonald’s. He says, “Indian.”

I discover the McAloo burger.

Hassan is very bad at make good. I try to become mini-Teck and teach Hassan how to make good the windows. Hassan and I stand there and watch paint dry. Literally. I give up. Hassan goes home with his upsized McAloo burger meal while I become mega-Hassan and make good the damn windows myself.

Me and Hassan, we are not so different.



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