18 November






NTUC Finest has readied itself for the festive cheer, at the Marine Parade branch, which used to be a library for those of us who will remember running up and down the same flight of stairs with a book or two, or scurrying between the books and the toilet. Somewhere beneath these stairs there is an oft-ignored ‘basement’, which houses the NTUC office I think, apart from where you can buy either insecticide or 4D. Today while HWEE YEE WE HAVE TO BUY INSECTICIDE TO KILL THE APHIDS was spoiled for choice, I could not take my eyes off the mistletoe or straw installed on the pillar. I tried to view it from various perspectives. It was probably the last one… with the rest on the other pillars hung and air-con vents strung… and still it hoped to sell more insecticide… or suggest the need for.


While we were walking the dog, HY also noticed a suspicious package, from further away before the dog! Should we have called the police?!? She said the bomb squad would come down.





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