Chasing The Dragon






We don’t usually tear apart jewelry for the sake of ‘deconstruction’, but for respectable reasons, we do. This chased dragon bracelet originally had four dragon panels (first photo), two too many for a small wrist, so we took two panels out and sourced for ‘something’ to use with these panels. Our first hunch was a pearl, the dragon and the pearl you know… we could showcase our work, fuse modern influence with ancient fancies.

We looked at various kinds of pearls and would have crowned one big ass pearl for the seat if not for us being rather ‘old school’. A high quality pearl would have cost less than a high quality piece of jade today. But we selected a piece of Grade A apple green jade in the end, mostly because we saw how that would not stray far from the original intent a long time ago, and hopefully, would enhance without taking away. The owner will now have a parure set, maybe one for day and the set for an evening out.

Chased Dragon Antique Jade Bracelet And Necklace


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