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Please make an appointment with us, if you’d like to come by.

We’ve been busy because I brought a cat home (and we’re still unpacking!). He was injured I think from cat fights, but it’s for sure this guy was abandoned. When we met him he was bloody but friendly and he let me carry him home. Meow meow meow of course. On our way back from the vet, he was so scared he peed in the carrier but he let me SHOWER him! All this time and not one scratch. Plus he knows what happens when the fridge door opens. He has only been in the kitchen because our other two animals are kinda lousy at hospitality. But he is so good, he just nurses quietly on the bench and asks for a rub when one of us comes in. Abandoned cats are bad at fights; they are too trusting and have no wing chun moves like many strays.

His name is Clyde, after Clyde Tolson.


PS: Richard, if you are reading this, we’ve spent your ‘civility fee’ on Clyde.

PPS: The ‘civility fee‘ is $20 for which we will charge first-time visitors to World Savage. If you buy something, we deduct that from your purchase and put another $20 of our own to the Stray Animals Fund. And whether you spend or not, the money will go to this fund.



1. Vintage Women

2. Seagulls Trinket Case

3. Ram Incense Holder Burner




4 Responses to 19 Dec

  1. Richard Ho December 23, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    It’s a fee well-spent. HY, you have a good heart. Was only a token amount given ($20) but happy to know it went to help a cat in need. Poor Clyde…hope he heals up soon. He seems like a sweet fella.

  2. Joys February 18, 2014 at 9:42 am #

    Both of you warm my heart!

  3. Shopper December 18, 2014 at 6:57 pm #

    There a few things I saw on the website that I wanted to buy that would have ended up a couple thousand dollars. The civility fee is bullshit and as so, I will take my business somewhere else. I got a cat is a shitty excuse. Grow up.

  4. Bridget December 19, 2014 at 12:25 am #

    hello josh.

    i’m not sure if you understand our position in charging a civility fee. actually i’m not sure there’s even such a term. we coined it in order to make money off people who visit world savage.

    i think i should not make presumptions about you, and that you know when we kid and when not.

    we really thought we were quite transparent as to our motives for charging that $20 levy, but it appears there will be some folks like yourself who may not appreciate it, even though we match every dollar you give to pass the total to an animal society. our own cats are well fed and need nothing from visitors 🙂

    please feel free to ask us questions in that we may better answer, and sorry for causing you distress. i do understand people are not made using molds, and we come to understand the world around us uniquely. i always appreciate when people
    bother to write and say something they feel strongly for, because i know you’ve got better things to do and you must feel sincerely so or you wouldn’t bother.

    anyway, have a good christmas break and end of this good year.


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