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HY wanted the title of this post to be Wuthering Heights. She said it’s a Gothic novel of very rich people that’s romantic. hahahahahaha

A few years ago we went to one ‘party’ on Christmas Eve. It was also the year our friend had just moved into her own flat and what better than to roll all festivities together. Our host-friend was very happy to serve us sushi and a salad that she had spent a long time making. We brought another mutual friend who had a humor only some of us could appreciate. She looked belligerently at the servings table and picked the best she thought. She chewed and commented in the same second how cold and hard the sushi was. Leng3 Dong4. It was funny in Chinese. hahahahahaha

Guess where we are heading today?

There’s no going back. She’s already ordered the party platter. HY and I have made a mental note to ask if she rang the same party foods hotline.


1. Antique Gold Cigar Cutter, Art Nouveau Pendant

2. Antique Diamond Lavalier Necklace

3. Art Deco Diamond Band Ring, Cluster


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