1800s Bridal Jewelry











Almost 200 years ago and bridal jewelry had probably operated in some form of cataloging. Brides-to-be would choose what they want bearing in mind what they can afford, not unlike today. It is quite amazing to say we’ve come across very similar jewelry, one in the form of a low karat gold and the other, solid gold content. On casual sight you would think they are the same offering. But I suspect hand-cleaved diamonds were not as costly as gold, so that the similarity ends at the design ie. floral leaf with etchings, rose cut diamonds set on high prongs, simple French hooks. But when we examine deeper, we realize what’s different is the GOLD content with each pair.

Photos before the cat are the 9kt Antique Rose Cut Diamond Earrings. Photos after the car are the 14kt Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Earrings.

Also the diamonds are bigger and deeper set on the 14kt earrings. This ornate design was reserved for brides and special occasions. I suspect the wealthier requested for one such design and paid for MORE GOLD. Thus the ordinary, for the ordinary.

How do I know all this?

Just touching and touching them, all day, many days.


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