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So everybody has their panties up in a bunch because some white guy said people on public transport are poor people.

I think everybody’s panties are bunched up for the wrong reasons.

Firstly, why do we get so affected when people think we’re poor? Being poor is not a crime surely. Being poor is a state that many people are in. It is a struggle, but it is no shame. Why can’t we face poverty? Do we want to forget that it exists? Maybe if we face it, we can fix it.

If you’re not poor, then that’s good for you.

But many of us are poor in Singapore. We don’t show up in the statistics, because the government says that we all live in houses that are expensive. That kind of wealth is a lie. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but our national average wage is appalling. And we’re not just a city; we’re a country, so we don’t even have the choice of moving to somewhere cheaper. OK I guess we could move to Johor, but that’s not what I mean, and you know what I’m saying.

This Anton Casey guy, he’s just another neoliberal, a privileged white guy doing a job (private wealth management) that serves little utility to the planet other than flushing it further down the toilet. There are so many of them collecting the gold dust that is falling on their shoulders, and they can only do so if they’re encouraged by equally neoliberal governments.

You should be angry at why this guy and many like him in our country, are allowed to drive their Porsches and Maseratis, while our public transport prices have just been raised. You should be angry at why the money used to fund public transport, which by definition is always a losing enterprise, comes from people like us, and not the Porsche and Maserati people. You should be angry that you have been doing what you’ve always been doing, taking public transport, and working hard making a living, but now you’re considered poor.

You should be angry that our wealth gap is now so visible.

And here’s our law minister, praising us for coming together as a community to bash Anton Casey. Please Mr Shanmugam, we come together everyday as a community to criticize…

We should be angry about many things. And then we should stop being angry.

We should do something.




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  1. Anja January 29, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    Well spoken!
    Indeed Mr Casey’s remarks were appalling and arrogant. Stupid too. But I don’t like or support ‘angry mob’ actions, especially not because of some remarks. It disappoints and upsets me from a nation.
    And indeed there are more important and fundamental things to worry about and to get angry about.

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