PSA: How to keep yourself permanently trim

People who have known me long enough would know that I used to be fat. I was fat growing up, I was fat in my early 20s, I was fat. I was so fat that once, when I went bungee jumping, I had to use a different cord from everybody else. Fat, bungee jumping, wearing a Belle and Sebastian t-shirt. So, cool.

Eventually, I lost weight. How I’m not going to say, but it involved trekking the Blue Mountains National Park while hungover. And more.

Besides, everybody knows how to lose weight. Diet and exercise REALLY work. Especially exercise. I also lose weight every time we move so you could try that if you like.

Yoga, pilates, gym, Crossfit, swimming, ultimate frisbee, dragon boating blahblahblah. Doing all that stuff is great, but for someone like me, they are untenable in the long run. I get bored too easily and I always want to do something else. I can’t commit to anything that uses a timetable. I am not sociable. I am adverse to physical discomfort, which really is a must for any kind of exercise to work. I am not interested in getting a hard body *.

Does that sound like you?

I think it sounds like a lot of people. I’ve basically been more or less the same size for the past 10 years. Except that one time when I got pudgy from eating two Old Chang Kee sardine puffs everyday.

Me during my Old Chang Kee phase

Me during my Old Chang Kee phase. This is a good picture.

This post is not about losing weight. It is about how to completely forget about diet and exercise, and still stay trim! Isn’t that great? FREEDOM!

1. Walk more

A lot of times, we put on weight because we develop habits we don’t even notice that make us get fat. For example, we get a car and stop walking as much. Almost everyone I know who gets a car gets fat. How many times have you tried to park as close to the escalators as possible so you don’t have to walk so far?

You have to get it in your head that walking a little bit more is fine, even if it means sacrificing convenience. Convenience is not the meaning of life.

Walking is good.

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  1. AZ January 30, 2014 at 5:31 pm #

    Ate an entire tray of fries by myself today. I FEEL SMARTER ALREADY!! Rawr.

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