Funniest phone call of the year

Lady: Is this World Savage… World Wide Shipping?

Me: Er yes. This is World Savage… World Wide Shipping.

Lady: Do you buy secondhand or used items?

Me: No we don’t.

Lady: Do you provide disposal –

Me: No we don’t. We are an antique store.

Of course after I put down the phone I had all sorts of funny answers. Like, yes we do have waste disposal services in the form of a dog, but he’s not very efficient. Like, this may or may not be World Savage, or Stevie General Store, depending on what you’re asking*.

Bridget says that I should be more compelling when I answer the phone. Instead of a hello, I should say ahoy**.

* Our new answering machine message when I get around to replacing our current rude one.

** Hello wasn’t a popular greeting until the invention of the telephone. Thomas Edison convinced the phone companies to use it as the default greeting. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, wanted Ahoy-hoy.



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