Process: How To Hang A Light Curtain (or How To Make A Tightrope)

When we renovated the house, we got the contractor to build a toilet for my dog in my bathroom. Unfortunately, he never used his posh, private toilet and likes to do his business where all other dogs do their business.

We now use the space to store our vacuum cleaner and various cleaning aids that should be hidden away from sight. I got very sick of looking at these things while showering. They are ugly. I don’t want to look at ugly things while showering, and I don’t want my bathroom to look at a storeroom. Plus, the vacuum cleaner gets wet every time I hit the showers, which can’t be good for the vacuum cleaner.

It was time to put up a shower curtain to hide San Lang’s toilet of my dreams. I had a bunch of Ikea curtain wires stored away somewhere, but I decided against using those because I didn’t like the way they look. They also take too long to install. This solution costs less than $5, and took less than 10 minutes to install.

Lightweight curtain wire - What you need

What you need:
Tension spring wire
2 x wall plugs
2 x large stainless steel hook screws
2 x small stainless steel hook screws
Hammer to knock in the wall plugs

Ideally you would want to use eyelet hooks in place of the two small hooks, but I just used what I had available. You will need to fit the small hook screws into the tension wire, so make sure you buy the right size.

Drill the holes, insert the wall plugs, and screw the two large hook screws into the walls. I needed pliers here to screw them in all the way.

Cut the spring tension wire to a length that is shorter than the distance between your two walls. You’ll want it short enough to get enough tension in the wire, so your curtains do not sag.

Attaching the small hook screws into the spring wire

Screw in the small screws to each end of the spring wire.

I generally reject free gifts but the other day we bought something at Homefix and they gave me this Black and Decker t-shirt. I love it!


Trapeze 2

Trapeze 3

Our nifty, cheap, and elegant curtain wire.

Hammer on our curtain wire

Not much sagging even with a heavy hammer.

The actual shower curtain is $2 from Daiso. I now shower in peace.



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