staying true to what you must do


When the image forces you to see beyond.

Our friend is applying for a scholarship. In his application the question asked is: what do you hope to see in the Singapore’s arts scene in ten years time?

The artist always wishes to use the word banality. The softer resolve is originality.

Something like this video. It is all it is, and not.

If you can say it, why paint it?
Francis Bacon


I also feel the importance of not giving up on the man in the street. Real support in the arts will not come from above. Ultimately it is the man in the street who will support the artist. We have to work together to reject the notion that art must be appreciated by those who can (the word ‘taste’ is always used to justify this). If we can indiscriminate art we can indiscriminate the viewer/listener/patron.

Unfortunately power is often put in the hands of those who can. Art, like power, sometimes (many times) travel in the same vein. At possibly midway in this life, I have settled on humanist learning. Just because you can does not mean.



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