You’re Six!









San Lang was born on Valentine’s Day six years ago. On his birthday, he got to eat a longevity boiled egg and a bunch of snacks. He did not know what he did to deserve his good fortune (the snacks, not his kindly parents). He also made all these tags for his friends. Barack is his neighbor, big and er, black. Cody was his ex-neighbor, who went to sniff for him when San Lang was lost (thankfully he was found by the Joo Chiat dog walkers people…). Ideally he would only make one tag, for his sweet baboo who lives further down the road, but she has no eyes for him. She is a San Lang sized lily white dog with a tail that fans out, who unfortunately only likes chihuahuas.

Right after midnight, the minute his birthday was over, he peed in our doorway to tell us he was pissed off with Clyde the cat. We beat him until he had only three legs left.

Let us know if you would like to order some pet tags from San Lang. He needs a new prosthetic leg.




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