Any which way but backwards









A long time ago we laid eyes on a tiny picture of a ring we could not tell gold from silver. This idea brewed and over time concocted its weight, texture and timelessness, into what we like to imagine is moonlight and its shadows. Two circles, the outer white gold and the inner yellow gold, engulf with no discerning separation. They are different, yes, but the magic is their seamlessness. Their combined, contrasting brightness is bolder than one yellow gold ring, and more peculiar than one white gold ring.

Have you noticed the rings, though similar, appear different in different light? May our photos speak aloud.

While simplicity is key to many wedding bands, we are able to consider custom requests for this design, as a sea of ideas seem to avail themselves to its ‘simplicity’.

The best part has got to be, wedded or not, we know


any which way but backwards.


Moonlight & Shadows Band



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