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Labor Day, 2014. At City Plaza, Geylang, when I was admiring the judicious display and stacking of tidbits and toys, clicking away at my camera obnoxiously, one shopkeeper told me that I’ll get her in trouble when these photos get up the ‘net. I told her I was photographing her beautiful, considered display. It boasted her good sense of everything, color, space, appeal… She said she could only parade the wares outside the parameters of her store because it’s a public holiday today. All other days, she is fully law abiding.

Like all other foods in Singapore which have been crowned cuisines, Penyet cuisine has taken over our little hotbed island of food. If you like fish instead of chicken and want it Penyet (crispy fried) style, the pomfret here is yummy, not jialat ie. one is unlikely and impossible to stop at. The Real Penyet Cuisine is located in City Plaza. My suggestion is to come to here after passing through the outdoor basement of Joo Chiat Complex, where you’ll find interesting cramped stores selling everything from figs by the grams to exhilarating Indonesian cosmetics. City Plaza and Joo Chiat Complex are located on the same stretch from Geylang Serai along Geylang Road. Note: not your thing if you like cafes or to linger in toilets.

Every time I explore Singapore and think about her from the outside, I am always reminded of how glorious our peoples are, when left alone to their creativity and good sense. When moving by a daily-ness, and upholstered by everything in between need, desire and excess.

How else do we stay marveled?



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