Foods Of Love II






HY says that even our friend Adri (the most troublesome optimist person we know) can make Teochew Steam Fish successfully. That means I too can.

But I don’t believe that fully. I am bound to f-up. Trouble-free pessimist.

Living without television should be a thing to be studied. I go through phases entirely plucked from the air. Instances include:

1. Where from nowhere I must purchase some survival books, to know what to do when SHTR.

2. That means I must purchase an campsite stove.

3. Which means I have purchased a fire starter kit.

4. I now realize I have no tent.

5. More realizations. Filtered water? Batteries? I don’t even carry anything how do I know what batteries other than my pills???

6. Changed field. I have purchased a very handy and very small booklet on Wilderness & Travel Medicine. Maybe a snake or berry will attack us first.


7. Rope thing. Or in emergency language, the knots you must know how to tie. I have purchased a glow-in-the-dark paracord survival bracelet. I will be wearing it when I run through East Coast / Fort Road.



I then lay in bed reading about SHTR scenarios, with my Swedish fire starter kit, my Wilderness First Aid booklet and my glow paracord bracelet. I did not consider How To Shit In The Woods at all.

I’m telling you, HY, I will not give up. I have already gotten it in my head, the order is like this: heating, power, and something.

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  1. Dodgy July 15, 2014 at 6:08 pm #

    i surely know how to shit in the woods.

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