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Katong Delights ‘Taste That Matters’ is a strange place to be, but not to dine. Okay, if you consider we ate in absolute quiet, with only the burring of the overhead fan, it is rather strange.

It always feels like we walked into a set, because we’re in 2014. Everything is frozen only because it is a set. When we last stepped into this place a few years ago, the set was as is.

The food is of course good in places like these, truly real (authentic is not an operative word) because it is operated by the generation before us. The generation that is real because it doesn’t know about being authentic. Home-cooked Peranakan food must be served on lino mats and in someone’s house – this is it. When we ate, Maureen stood by the doorway and swung her arms and looked outside into the evening, perhaps not to leave us alone to the burring of the fan. When we finished, Maureen told us her name and waved us goodbye from the doorway as we cycled away.

At Figaro Street off Jalan Tua Kong in Siglap, they open till 9pm everyday and close on Sundays.

Here’s a photo of a scary HY standing in the same spot, years back.



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