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Nine years ago we went to Sapa, Hanoi. We had known each other for six months then (according to HY). For many years, it was the one place we kept talking about. Lucky that this is one place we can afford to go now. Vietnam is very cheap, and depending on how you plan your itinerary, very mesmerizing.

A decade older means we are looking for something else. Then we shared a carriage with two other persons, and I recall with a ‘runaway’ couple who came onto the top bunk stealthily in the middle of the night. This time, the Orient Express Train became available, so we booked the entire carriage. I don’t want to think about runaways or dirty men anymore. I am dirtier now, with lesser romance.

Funny how we didn’t take any photos during the torrid train ride nine years ago. Not a single one. We just huddled together and tried to sleep away the strange hours and never-ending rail tracks. That’s why I went back to take a photo of the train station before getting up the train this time. But once in the train I failed to be impressed. I was too old and too dreamy all together. My bones felt the never-ending song once more, but my feelings have strong color in images and no words. The photos are so beautiful they must lie about something.

More photos and sentiments to follow. If you cannot tell the past from now, it’s because I keep getting caught in someone else’s past and present.

Did I mention the journey on this train rides for ten hours?


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