The Secret To A Good Hot Pot Revealed

hot pot broth ideas

er, excuse me?

hot pot broth ideas

That’s better. ♫♫

That’s it. That’s the secret, Daisho soup base. It’s a bit too thick and rich for hot pot soup, so we dilute it with one packet of water. You can buy it from NTUC or any Japanese supermarket. Endorsed by The Steamboat Specialist, Chef Yo. Chef Yo only likes to eat ikan bilis.

Also, you need to get one of those butane stoves. Hot pot needs fire. Induction cookers don’t cut it somehow. We had one of those and it was just weird. No fire no spark.


Xiang, this is where we’re going. All yellow, the food is probably nothing. Like all the places we find ourselves most comfortable in, it’s the ones that offer a little magic with very little effort. But at least nothing is underachieved.

hot pot broth ideas

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