Antique Cocktail Rings In The Anteroom Of Eternity

Antique Cocktail Rings


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Antique Cocktail Rings

A little cocktail won’t hurt. It’s the anteroom of eternity after all.

I am now wondering what an Imperial Tokay tastes like. After watching Dean Spanley last night, I love San Lang even more, that I bought a Tollyjoy teething toy for him today, the kind that makes squeaky after squeaky. Is it possible to love that damned thing more?


One encounter is a happenstance
Two a coincidence and three
A significance.


1. Antique Navette Diamond Ring, Emerald

2. Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring

3. Edvard Munch Slides, from Landscape By Night and Last Scene from Ibsen’s Ghost


ps: squeaky died on the same day.

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