Small Antique Table Lamps

antique table lamp singapore

glass globe table lampglobe_french_table_lamp4

globe_french_table_lamp3globe_french_table_lamp7 Small Art Deco Table Lamp teardrop_french_table_lamp3 teardrop_french_table_lamp4 art deco table lamp 20s_tulip_wooden_lamp


We have two small table lamps by the bedside, good for reading and knowing I could dream while awake. We never wanted to sell them because they are hard to find, these cozy, gentle pieces, many torn apart for their lamp bases or shades, depending on which is the grander. Of course you can use a brighter bulb and place them anywhere in the house, the light will still be warm and effective. We are sharing these new finds because you know reading and dreaming is good for the soul 🙂

1. Small Glass Globe Table Lamp

2. Small Art Deco Table Lamp, Teardrop

3. Tulip Art Deco Table Lamp

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