modern home decor objects, objet d’art, no. 54

modern home decor objects, modern home decor objects

modern decor object70s_brass_water_lillies570s_brass_water_lilies6brass_pair_birds_branch5objects home decornail_birds_brutalist4nail_birds_brutalistnail_birds_brutalist2modern decor objectcherubs_pyramid_ormolu4cherubs_pyramid_ormolu5Antique Jewelry Casket


Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.
T.S. Eliot


1. Modern Decor Object, Water Lily Sculpture

2. Objects Home Decor, Brass Bird Sculpture

3. Metal Bird Sculpture, Brutalist Art

4. Modern Decor Object, Small Brass Birds

5. Antique Jewelry Casket

modern home decor objects

An ongoing objet d’art photography by World Savage Singapore.
– Objects of desire, Objects of art. Objects of curiosity. –

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