Retro Chinese Art

Retro Chinese Art, Retro Chinese Art


Do you know what this means? It’s a powerful way of saying ‘three thousand lights herein’. It’s never unfunny when translating Chinese into English, but when you think with both your Chinese and English minds, you are enraptured by its symbolism. Just imagine, a box as small in your hands can light up three thousand lights!








Go look at the individual photos of these old firecracker label art. They are one of the few retro art objects we can appreciate, because they remind us of a time when color was allowed to be freely applied in advertising, without too much concern for meaning or representation. Intuition cannot be taught in schools, yet intuitive sense is so burdened these days. Artists refrain from boldness for subtlety’s sake – does this suffice as an ‘aesthetic’?

No Way Jose.

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