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Table Lamps Singapore

Mid Century Modern Table Lamptable lamps singapore27oct_2014

Noms. Noms noms.

From the hollows of his black-white ears, he thinks he hears “Chiku Road?” and stops for a second.

Indeed. He goes for his walk.


The beast returns and grips the automobile between his small, sharp teeth, again.

It’s as if he never left.

“I’d never want to be that automobile”, said me, said her.

midc_marble_stone_lamp3 Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

He assists her in a photography shoot, before howling at the mid century lamp, too modern for his tribe, a long line rumored to descend from the mutts of Sir Stamford Raffles himself. Not himself the mutt, but the mutts that must have gathered abound the colonial Raffles Hotel. Not itself the home of Sir Raffles, but he was known to swirl a glass now and then. Of course not the infamous sling or it would be nefarious.


Table Lamps Singapore

No more words.

Just a few bits.

‘Twas Tollyjoy nevermore.


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