The *link* between multi stone rings and happiness

multi stone rings

multi stone rings harem_stack_ring_18k2 harem_stack_ring_18k3 harem_stack_ring_18k 12oct_2014 12oct_2014_2 12oct_2014_4 12oct_2014_5

11oct_2014 11oct_2014_2

multi stone rings

Vintage Gold Harem Ring


Clyde has come back onto our roof, but not without scratches on his face and a quieter disposition. HY is of course really pleased and I feel she may like to suckle the thing hahahaha.

But really, Clyde likes HY very much and will listen to her. The feeling is very mutual.

I really want to write something here about the difference between being happy and being free. Many people say they ‘just want to be happy’. Yet their actions bound them as they go about their business of ‘being happy’. How many times must it be said that money is not happiness? Money can buy some happiness but it cannot buy that bone-deep sense of being free and ultimately, this freedom is the ground on which happiness can take root.

Persisting happiness can only take root on free grounds. All else is moment to moment, chance by chance.

Next time I will remember to write about choice.


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