Antique Chinese Jewellery

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antique Chinese jewellery

Sets of Peranakan jewellery we put together.

As we curate more of antique Chinese jewellery, it feels like putting a puzzle together. Some designs go better with others by nature of their stones while some by the craftsmanship in the gold, and others we put together weighing the ‘heavy’ against the ‘light’. Because of persistent cultural symbols and repetitive adaptation of European fashion for a whole century, the longevity in Peranakan jewellery art is truly one of the best things to have come out of Singapore’s cultural and design history.

The root of influence and their re-imaginings are moving and we wonder where the @*&$ our idiosyncrasies and aesthetics go as a modern Chinese born in this part of the world? Why do we not rock these styles and reinvent as our grandmothers and their mothers and fathers did? (The act of imitation is not reinvention.)

We still find that only a discerning group of young people have it in their blood (like a bull fighter has it in his!), the rest being a mature group of ladies and gentlemen who wear or collect Peranakan jewellery with the hope of passing their jewels and memories to their next generation.

Why do we observe this?

As the youngest sellers in the local market and as we also curate and sell European jewellery, our wonders are expected. The loot is here and yet we stretch our necks across the Pacific like the blondes we are (pardon me!). We often wonder why only a certain class of hot-blooded appreciators exist, though we know billboards are to blame. Which is why we are walking the talk and ADVERTISING our jewels. Don’t blame us for turning you into a zombie; the hope is for more curiosity.

We love Peranakan jewellery and will love the newly-minted pieces too if their standards match up to their predecessors. Ok let us admit it, we love the hot-bloodedness of passionate jewellery.

It often is, but antique Chinese jewellery cannot be studied without examining Peranakan art and culture.


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