Antique Diamond Cluster Rings

pera_artdeco_navette_ring2Antique Diamond Cluster Ringspera_artdeco_navette_ring4pera_artdeco_navette_ring8pera_dia_S_ring_22k2pera_dia_S_ring_22kpera_dia_S_ring_22k4cloche_groove

antique diamond cluster rings


We have a bonanza at The Jealous Society. But at World Savage, it is considered a mountain on a molehill. Diamond clusters. In fact we will be nose bleeding through many nights until the year is over.

You know, we are dreaming of a white christmas at Bantam. Maybe Sunway Lagoon!

Please help you help us.


1. Vintage Peranakan Jewellery, Art Deco Navette Ring

2. Infinity Diamond Ring, Vintage Peranakan Jewellery


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