curious objects for sale, objet d’art, no. 55

curious objects for sale

vintage objects

curious items for sale

The Scarecrow, Edward Van Altena


The Travelers, Esther Geller



Pardon me, but mormon chic dressing IS all the rage these days.

botanical sculpture

Flower arrangement 101: you can move the stalks any way you like.


Cave plants: a plant growing without light can still nourish another


curious objects for sale

The copper botanical sculpture is quite something. The installation is neither botanical nor sculptural, but it works for the unkempt mind. To have a plant that needs no watering, but reminds you all day to move its petals about. Gives a new meaning to ‘live’ sculptures. Sort of like talking to a plant psychically, while it makes sure you know it knows.

See curious objects for sale below.

Vintage objects in the secret cave, objet d’art, no. 55

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