Giant Supermarket Joo Chiat

A close friend has been looking for work for the past half a year. To some of us, a few months is nothing because we’ve heard worse in the jobs market. But something is clearly wrong when a person cannot be gainfully employed despite everything. Pay cut, willing to do almost everything, a better person than me. Why won’t someone give her a chance?

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The Giant at Joo Chiat is the most unlikeable Giant supermarket we’ve been to. On some days items actually display like little heaps of rubbish here and there and a big landfill on other days. The supermarket is open 24 hours, catering to residents and many migrant workers living in Joo Chiat. Once we saw a young mother feed her toddler son, bowl and spoon and pajamas (the mother not the son), in and out of several aisles.

The night cashier’s job here is miserable because there are always no gooders and nothing doers dripping in wretchedly and always many, many of them at this branch in the after hours. HY and I are included in this group and tonight we dropped by to buy sago and coconut milk and honeydew. All poor people’s food she says. You know it’s true. Watermelon too, big and sweet and many can share one. Back to the supermarket tonight – it was so tidy, almost compulsively. I noticed it right away, not just because it was an anomaly in this supermarket but because the labels faced only one way, aisle after aisle. I also noticed the man who did this, because I saw him once a few days ago and was drawn to his strange-looking self. None of the workers before him did much work in the night. Tonight he was again packing quietly when I walked over to tell him he makes the store look so good. His hearing was not so good but he said thank you very shyly. Then he disappeared for the rest of the time we were there, probably because he was very shy.


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This strange-looking man is not educated much, cannot hear well and sounds like he has not heard his own voice for a long time. I noticed him the first time because I notice everyone working. Who taught him to want beauty and order? Who told him this kind of wellness is wellness for everyone, even the least expected?

God cannot give a man wealth, stop lying to the church. But grace? Grace comes from a God.

I learn from life stories that if you want wealth, go for it, but don’t thank some God for your wealth wishing. Because you can have all the money in this life and have not owned grace.

Who told this man effort is never wasted, however small a barefoot life is however big you find peace within? And perhaps, to comfort another soul.

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