Our Migrant Workers: Dare To Compare

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Another reason we like ‘the people’s supermarket’ or Giant at Joo Chiat is because the radish kimchi is never out of stock and no one expects you to buy flat kimchi in place of the cube one. While on our way trying to locate this radish specimen, we came onto this Bangla worker clipping prawns while cradling his phone of course and three AC remote controllers. Ever deep in conversation he did not notice my photo taking just 2.5 steps beside him. He clipped the prawns without choosing, knowing too well how they will turn out. He walked away right after I took his photo and I stepped in place to have a good look at the prawns, though if I’ve passed it many times. I took the second photo to share with you.

What’s joyful in life?



Prawn Curry is a traditional Bangladeshi recipe for a classic prawn curry cooked in a chilli, tomato and onion sauce flavoured with garlic, turmeric and garam masala. Now I’ve watched five prawn curry youtube videos and approved of the below. I don’t know for certainty what kind of curry he will make for his prawns. But I followed my heart-gut and know it should be tasty enough to eat with a lot of rice and not necessarily many prawns or good prawns.

This is what I found.

bangla_prawns4 bangla_prawns3



If you are thinking of Proust by now, I don’t blame you. Maybe because I don’t cook (or marinade) but can ruminate, or because I already think I cook by imagining, but truly how does one be uninspired by joy?

HY says she will attempt the recipe by ‘Zayi’. I am not the only one who has become a fan of the way she teaches cooking. Shouting from a good distance can make the room feel like there’s only me and her. Someone mentioned in the comments “my husband loves your way of cooking”. I have assured HY it is not difficult. She promises photos of a step-by-step insight.

Frozen Thawed Grey Prawns, my friend!

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